Manuscript Proofreading Service

If you have been developing a manuscript for submission to a renowned publication, then be prepared to check it very finely in order to have an impressive final product. As it is a significant step in your career to give a boost to your academic reputation, you must be sure that it does not contain even a single spacing error. If you think you may need professional assistance in doing this job, then we suggest you to meet our expert proofreaders who can make this task simpler for you. By approaching us, you have come to the right place to have your manuscript reviewed and properly proofread. We offer the best of expertise for the professional manuscript proofreading service.


How We Help You

  • We ensure complete accuracy of your document and offer timely services at affordable rates. Our clients keep coming back to us with their proofreading needs and refer new authors to our services, which we take pride in promoting and executing. With us, you can be confident of presenting a manuscript that is free of all basic mistakes of language and format. We not only work on simple typographical and spelling errors, but also take care of aesthetic issues like those of spacing, alignment, and hyphenation. Our trained proofreaders delve deeply into your document, and they identify and correct any left-out errors of grammar and consistency.
  • Professional proofreading of manuscript is quite different from that of other academic documents. This is because manuscripts are meant for publication and their target audience is of a different league. Our proofreaders have to ensure that the language and presentation in a manuscript are as per the preferences of target readers.
  • Additionally, manuscripts meant for publication in leading academic or trade journals have to follow the guidelines prescribed by these journals. Our proofreaders assess language, illustrations, and structure and sequence of sections, headers, abstract, and citations. Since a larger number of people will read your published work, it is imperative that it is framed in a language that is easy to understand.
  • Our team consists of academic experts, college professors, and editors associated with leading publication houses. We recognize the needs of both English speakers and non-native students. Our proofreading process is employed to improve sentence structure, grammar, and flow of thoughts, as well as syntax and punctuation. Your document will be accompanied by instructions for you to improve your manuscript quality and boost your writing ability.
  • We also give you advice on the way to improve your citation and referencing when you submit your manuscript for proofreading. Our experts are trained in MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, Oxford, and Vancouver styles. Thus, we take pride in saying that we will give you 100% satisfactory results within the stipulated time. It is highly important that your manuscript comply with the citation and referencing format recommended by your selected journal. Without following the right professional style, there are high chances of rejection of your work by any publication. We make sure that you follow the right style and get your work approved in the first go.

We will give you a complete packaged deal if you avail our other services as well. Our proofreading service can be combined with editing and formatting services to attain perfection. However, you may also go for just manuscript proofreading service if you are good at writing or have a native command of the language. In such a case, there are low chances of committing grave errors. For details on any of our services, you may write to us at