Dissertation Proofreading Service

A dissertation is the turning point of a scholar's academic career. Hence, it has to be perfected before putting it on the table of reviewers. Even if there are simple errors of spellings and margins, the proofreading of dissertation becomes highly essential. Such simple issues can leave a negative impression on your readers, as these can disturb the flow of reading. When it comes to professional proofreading of your dissertation, you can rely on our resources. Our experts will make sure that your dissertation is proofread completely, thoroughly, and quickly. We offer the best dissertation proofreading service in the market at a competitive price.


While we correct all basic errors in your work, our focus remains on improving the presentation of your document and enhancing its content quality. We review your work thoroughly so every unintentional mistake may also be detected and corrected. Even if you have an effective grasp on the language, there may be issues with the use of parenthesis, commas, or semicolons. All this happens when you first create a dissertation draft and cannot pay attention to every minute aspect. Thus, our aim is to make your language uniform, as well as make the document layout smoother. We do not make any changes to the structure of your content.


Our Team of Proofreaders

Our proofreading team has ample experience in assessing and improving academic documents. They are aware of the formats and linguistic styles that are followed in various leading universities. Thus, they will ensure that your dissertation is presented in the required format. Our proofreaders also have subject matter expertise in varied academic areas. This is needed for proofreading a doctorate dissertation so it can ensure total satisfaction on part of our clients. Some of our expert reviewers have published papers in their name, and they are adept at the task of proofreading of dissertation.


What All We Check

Your dissertation will be checked on the following aspects:

  • Grammatical errors like verb usage, prepositions, spellings, punctuations, articles, tenses, verb and noun agreement, number agreement
  • Structural accuracy of individual sentences, paragraphs, and various sections and chapters
  • Consistent labeling and numbering of illustrations and their proper placement in your dissertation
  • Table of Contents and its sequence
  • Pagination issues, such as the accuracy and placement of page numbers
  • Usage of terminology; some colleges have specific guidelines for the use of jargons.
  • Headers and sub-headers; we check the font style, underlining, and capitalization aspects.

Our reviewers will rigidly examine not just syntax, grammar, and sentence structure, but also the complete flow and communication of thoughts. Thus, you can be rest assured that your dissertation will be holistically examined and will be given back to you in record time with track changes so you can accept or reject the changes and provide us feedback, if any. If you decide to avail our dissertation proofreading service, then your documents must be sent to info@millereditingcenter.com. We will get in touch with you shortly after receipt of your message.