MLA Formatting Service

As varied academic fields follow different formatting styles for their documents, it is mandatory that you follow the right style demanded by your institution. Apart from APA, another style that is popular in multiple fields is the MLA or Modern Language Association of America style. When formatting your manuscript or thesis, you may choose the MLA formatting style if your supervisor or the journal to which you are submitting your work has prescribed it. The MLA formatting style is advised generally for manuscripts in liberal arts and humanities. The following few guidelines can help you imply this style rightly:


  • It is advised that you start out with a paper of 8.5 x11 inches standard, with a margin of 1 inch all four sides, and you adopt the Times Roman font.
  • You can have an indentation of five spaces.
  • When you put the page numbers, flush them right ½ inch from the top-right-hand corner on every page.
  • The title page has your name and your professor's name, followed by your course name and date of submission listed on the top left corner.
  • The sectional headings are not underlined; they should have the first letter capitalized.
  • In the MLA style, tables and illustrations go with the text and are placed close thereof. They are labeled as 'figure no. x' in italics font and have a label title with a distinct mention of the source of an item, which should be flushed left below the item.
  • For the titles of longer works, you have to use italics and place emphasis when necessary.
  • Endnotes can also be included at the end on separate pages (centered and formatted), before the reference list.
  • Your document will also have the title page, abstract, body, references, and appendixes on separate pages.

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