APA Formatting Service

A variety of formatting styles are used to guide your academic writing. The most prominent among these is the APA or American Psychological Association style. When formatting your manuscript, you may choose the APA style if your supervisor or the college to which you are submitting your work prescribes it. The APA formatting style is usually advised for use in manuscripts for psychology and social sciences. Here are some guidelines that will help you follow this style:


  • It is advised that you start out with a paper of 8.5 x11 inches standard, with a margin of 1 inch on all four sides.
  • The font can be Times New Roman or Courier, but figures can have the use of the Sans Serif font with size 12.
  • You can have an indentation of 5 to 7 spaces for sub-headers.
  • When you put the page numbers, flush them right ½ inch from the top-right-hand corner.
  • A running header is used, which comprises two to three words of the main title. It is placed five spaces left of the page number.
  • The title page has the main title, along with the subtitle, if given, in uppercase. Below the heading, put your name, the name of your school, and the name of your research guide.
  • Sectional headings are not underlined on first use and are written with the first letter capitalized. Flush left and italicize the second sectional heading.
  • Each table is placed on a separate page with the table number. This number is used for referring to the table in the text. Italicize, double space, and flush left the title of the table. The caption is put on the top of the page with each individual figure, graph, or photo on a separate page.

If you use the APA formatting style accurately, you will be able to develop a good paper/manuscript and demonstrate good accountability. You will also be able to cite your references properly using the APA style and will be protected from any mishap, such as a plagiarism charge that may result if your style is not used according to the strict conventions.


In case you are unaware of the rules and standards of the APA style, then let our professionals know. They can help you deal with this format in the right way. We follow the latest edition of this style manual while editing your work. In case you have already formatted your work according to an old version of APA, then do not be feared. We can also make it compliant with the latest version by making changes that have taken place over a specific period. You may write to us for help at info@millereditingcenter.com. We make sure that you comply well with the standards required to format your dissertation, thesis, or journal paper. With timely APA formatting service, you can overcome the challenge of APA formatting and present your work with full confidence.