Document Formatting Service

When you develop an academic document, it becomes a priority to write your content in a format recommended by your institution. Not doing so can even lead to the disqualification of your dissertation, thesis, or research paper. At Miller Editing Center, we help you with professional document formatting service. The formatting of a paper can be done by following a distinct set of criteria given in the guidelines of a journal or the concerned university. A manuscript or report will abide by a definite set of rules for document structuring. Formatting can be done in the MLA or APA style or even in another distinct style like Harvard, Turabian, ACS, or Chicago.


Our professional editors check your entire document, as well as its citations and references to find any incompliance with the formatting rules and standards defined by your college or chosen publication. Our editors first understand your project well so they may offer you custom services. They have the knowledge of almost all major styles used in the industry. Even if your institution has not recommended a specific formatting style, we can help you choose and follow the right style according to your research, study area, and academic field.


Major Document Formatting Points to Check

  • A well-formatted document must have equal margins throughout.
  • The font size and style should remain 12 point Times Roman or Courier.
  • Each paragraph must have an indentation of 5 to 7 spaces. You may want to set the tab alignment as well.
  • The cover page should have the report title, author's name, and class, as well as the details of his/her supervisor.
  • Page numbering should start from the cover page and can be on the bottom or top of a page, depending on the instructions or guidelines provided to the student.
  • After the distinct cover page comes the title page. The title page will have the main points about the subject of a paper. It is centered, and it stands out from the rest of text body.

The main ideas of a study are covered mostly in the review, data analysis, research methods, and discussion and results sections, after the title and introduction pages. The text body develops the heart of a copy. Each idea is developed in a well-structured and logical manner. It may have subtopics that are distinct in each paragraph. Each paragraph should deal with a separate idea, and it should be linked with the preceding and following paragraphs for maintaining the flow of text while reading.


In the bibliography and reference list, the necessary convention of citing quotes and references should be followed. To avoid plagiarism, a thorough check should be done to make sure that all conventions have been followed. Our formatting experts check all these points and more, and they present a document that is polished for perfection. Our timely document formatting services can be of help to all such students who have never come across professional formatting styles used for writing their papers. We make sure that we not only correct your document layout and bibliography, but also its minor formatting aspects like pagination, headings, and graph or table presentation. We incorporate the right style wherever it is not followed properly.


If you are interested in knowing more about our formatting help, then contact us immediately. You may write to our team at Whether you need help with the APA style or the MLA format, our experts can deliver you the right guidance and help you format your work in the most effective manner.