We know the troubles a research student faces when he/she is unaware of linguistic rules and native writing styles. In such cases, they are bound to make several types of errors of format and language. However, they do not know the way to get rid of them once their supervisors suggest them to make their work flawless. For all such research students who may not have an effective command on the native language and professional formatting styles, Miller Editing Center comes as a ray of hope. We not only correct their errors, but also shape up and structure their documents to perfection.

With a plethora of review services, Miller Editing Center has been able to make a mark for itself. We cater to all the needs of scholars and authors regarding the editing, proofreading, and formatting of their academic documents. We target to remove every single error so their work becomes logical, meaningful, well readable, and impressive for their target readers. We have a proficient team of editors for providing these services in a guaranteed timely manner. Here is a glimpse of the services that we offer:

  • EDITING: Our editing services are all inclusive. We perform editing for journal papers, theses, and dissertations. Our editors hold Master’s or PhD degrees; hence, they have subject matter expertise in varied academic fields. We focus on assigning the most suitable person for every client project. Our editing service takes care of your content’s logic, flow, clarity, organization, and consistency, along with its basic linguistic errors. It is a more detailed service that makes your work comprehensive.

  • PROOFREADING: We assure that proofreading done by our team will be flawless. Our proofreaders have many years of experience in revising academic documents. They check documents for every minute error. Our proofreading service covers manuscripts, dissertations, and theses. Since proofreading is a multi-stage task, you must send your documents well in time. However, our proofreading service will not change your content or factual errors. It takes care of your grammatical, typographical, punctuation, spelling, and format inconsistency errors. Proofreading services are more suitable for students who are otherwise good writers and do not make grave errors.

  • FORMATTING: Our formatting service is offered for two styles of formatting that are most popular in universities across the world: APA and MLA. Our team responsible for formatting has thorough knowledge of both these styles. Our team also receives regular training to stay updated on various style rules and standards. Thus, we help you comply with the specific style your university recommends.

The advantage you get when you opt for any of our services is that you can be sure of getting the best resources. We take up a project only after ensuring that we have the required expertise for the same. We also ensure that our service is delivered in the stipulated time and in a collaborative manner. Moreover, our services are priced reasonably. These prove to be quite affordable for scholars. We always understand your project well before offering you custom review solutions. Our focus remains on giving you the best suitable editing help. If you wish to know more about the scope or pricing of our services, then contact our team at Surf through our website for additional details of each of our services.