Dissertation Editing Center by Dr James Miller

When you are stuck with academic documents and you fail to bring them up to expected standards, all you need to do is give us a call or send us a mail. We will help you promptly. All our services have been designed to ensure complete client satisfaction and on-time review completion. We help you correct not only the language and styles in your academic document, but also the format of your content.

Why You Need Our Editing Services

Linguistic and formatting errors present in your content can affect its readability and create a bad impression on anyone who goes through your work. Whether you are a good writer or an ESL student, you are bound to make mistakes while developing the first draft of your thesis, dissertation, or any other research document. While an ESL student may commit serious errors of language, style, content, or format, a native student may make basic mistakes due to neglect or ignorance. In all ways, the first draft of a document is never a perfect one. It requires polishing to make it clear, readable, and presentable.

This is where our dissertation editing centre come to your rescue. Even if you cannot devote much time to review your work, we get it all done by our qualified dissertation editors. Whether you have to get your article published in a journal or have to submit your dissertation timely, our PhD dissertation editors help you make your work flawless so it may receive instant approval. Further, you always require removing every single error if you want to leave a lasting impression on your target readers. We make sure that our editing services can help you meet high content quality standards and mend its writing style to make it effective and well presentable.

Our Range of Services


We have a team of qualified dissertation editors who review and revise your academic or research documents. They improve the language, structure, and validity of any academic paper. They have a keen eye to catch every single error of format and style. Our editors also use their subject matter knowledge while editing papers on a specific topic or in a specific study area. Our editing service is offered for the following:

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The proofreaders in our team have ample experience of checking academic documents. They work meticulously until every minute error is removed. Unlike our editing service, our proofreading service only takes care of the basic linguistic and formatting errors. If you want our editors to work on improving the structure and logic of your content, then you should select our editing solutions. With proofreading, you can be confident of presenting a zero-error paper. This service takes good care of the editing needs of native writers. We offer proofreading for the following:

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A well-formatted document is as important as a well-written one, as it affects the presentation aspects. The looks and appearance of your paper are enhanced only when it is formatted in the right style. Our PhD dissertation editors are trained to incorporate any formatting style in your work that your academic institution may have recommended. Majorly, we cover the following two styles of formatting:

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Dissertation Editing

If you wish to experience the quality of editing services we offer, then you just need to email your request to us, and we will send a sample in the required format and style.Write to us at info@millereditingcenter.com.

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Thesis Proofreading

We have samples of proofread documents in various subject domains. These samples will have comments and proofreading symbols so you can follow the changes introduced in them. To request a sample, simply email us at info@millereditingcenter.com.

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Research Paper Editing

We edit research papers as per the guidelines of targeted journals. Send us a mail at info@millereditingcenter.com. mentioning the subject of your research paper, and we will send you a sample to experience the quality of our research paper editing.

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